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Welcome to Brothers Outdoors! We are glad you are visiting this blog and hope you will follow along with us as we share our many adventures.

Brothers Outdoors is a blog focused on the various outdoor pursuits and experiences of brothers Jordan and Ethan Miller. Hunting and fishing are two of our driving passions that compel us to spend time in the outdoors, but do not be surprised if hiking, biking, canoeing or various other content pops up on occasion.

Jordan is first and foremost a happily married man living in Lancaster, PA. Having grown up in central Pennsylvania and after spending five years at Penn State University gaining his Masters Degree in Structural Engineering; Jordan found himself in a completely new environment in Michigan for a few years. He quickly realized the incredible outdoor opportunities provided by the vast amount of natural resources in the Mitten State. Stalking whitetails through the swamps and across the low ridges of the Michigan wilderness taught him a new respect for America’s game animal. Slipping quietly from pool to run in the renowned trout waters of Michigan enlivened a long held belief that trout are the superior fish. Now back in PA permanently, he is getting back to his roots, just as Brothers Outdoors promotes. Deer, bear and turkey in the big woods, archery hunting in the southern farmland, and fly fishing for trout deep on a mountain blue-line or a famous blue-ribbon are his driving passions. In the last year the conservation angle of the outdoors has taken hold and Jordan will fight to the bitter end to save our wild places. He feels going deep in the wilderness where the average person cannot reach is the key to experiencing life changing moments in nature. Always lively in a group, and quiet by himself, Jordan lives and breathes wild places.

Ethan has always felt at home in central and northern Pennsylvania, even though he was born, raised, and resides near Harrisburg. As a graduate of Penn State University, he received two world-class educations: a Bachelor’s in Civil Egineering and another in humility taught by the wily Limestone brown trout local to that region. Now, as a married man, Ethan strives to find the perfect harmony between family and the outdoors. His wonderful wife Ketura has not caught the fishing bug yet, although she enjoys hiking and has recently dipped her toes into hunting. Ethan’s goal is to one day make it so an afternoon on a trout stream is a perfectly acceptable family outing, perhaps even in his back yard. In addition to fly-fishing, late fall often finds him in the woods hunting for small game, bear, turkey, or deer in Central and Northern PA. Whitetail are his main hunting pursuit and he enjoys the challenge of finding mature “mountain” buck for the freezer and trophy wall. Hunting in the big woods of North-Central PA is a passion and every year spent hiking the mountains sharpens his hunter’s instinct. Furthermore, a good hike or backpacking trip is never far from thought year round. Ethan is the resident mountaineer and claims 11 state highpoints to his name. Ethan has fostered a growing interest in exploring the outdoors and is always quick with a story and a frosty brew after a good adventure.

As you can glean from the short descriptions above, we are individuals who enjoy the outdoors despite very busy schedules and limited budgets. Working a 9-5 office job, studying in an intense college major, being a loving husband or boyfriend, fostering friendships and keeping in touch with family are all responsibilities that we hold important. However, when we get a free evening or an open Saturday, we head straight to the woods.

Underlying everything that you will see on Brothers Outdoors, is the fact that our passions and interests stem from a rich outdoors family heritage cultivated over many many years. Hunting and fishing stories passed down from generation to generation remind us of the satisfaction and wonder that come from being an outdoorsman. This culture is something we cherish and wish to be evident in the content of this blog.

We look forward to the journey ahead and hope you will join us each step of the way!
Straight shootin’ and tight lines

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