West Again!

For me, Fly Fishing has never been about the number or size of the fish I catch, but rather about the adventures I can experience alongside my rod. The wily trout of Central Pennsylvania’s limestoners have consistently reminded me that I am not skilled enough to catch many, and the ones I do catch are often far from what would be considered “trophies”. Thankfully, the opportunity occasionally presents itself to have the best of both worlds; to catch lots of big, wild trout in big, wild, and beautiful country.

While I do (and always have) consider the numerous streams of Pennsylvania my “home waters”, the first trout that fell victim to my own fly rod was actually a lively cutthroat, pulled from a gin-clear alpine river deep in Montana’s Bob Marshall Wilderness. The afternoon before beginning a two-week backpacking trip in “the Bob”, I (along with two other friends on the trip) was convinced to leave my trusty spinners behind and purchase a fly rod from a store in Missoula, Montana. After receiving a few hurried casting lessons in a hotel parking lot from my experienced fly-fishing friend Wendell (Instagram: @riversonthefly), I trekked off into the Wilderness, armed with my brand new rod and a dozen or two dry files. The wild and uneducated fish were more than willing to oblige to my clumsy offerings, and the only limiting factor to the number I caught was that I lost all of my flies in trees, rocks, and fish’s jawbones. I was immediately hooked on fly-fishing, and ever since, have sought the chance to replicate the numerical success that wilderness streams of Montana and Wyoming provided.

This upcoming summer, I again will have that opportunity! In mid-August, I will be returning to the West along with the same three friends that were along on that original trip. We have planned a solid 10 days of nothing but fishing some of the most productive and scenic stretches of trout water that Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming have to offer. And this time, I plan on taking more than enough flies!

Throughout the summer, I plan on providing updates on our trip plans, aspirations, and eventually experiences. I urge you to follow along, as there isn’t much more exciting than an upcoming fishing trip!

Enjoy a few photos from our time spent fishing western waters in past years, and be sure to comment with any Western fishing tips or stories you may have!


Jordan with a beautiful Cutthroat pulled from an alpine lake in the Sangre de Cristo Wilderness, CO.

Jordan with a nice Cutthroat pulled from an alpine lake in the Sangre de Cristo Wilderness, CO.

Big Salmon Lake, MT – The fishing matched the scenery!

The beauty of high country cutthroats is hard to match!

The beauty of high country cutthroats is hard to match!


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