Spring Creek – Harrisburg

I know. You are all thinking we have the secret key to crack the code of the famous Spring Creek near State College. Well, we don’t. Instead we fished little known Spring Creek which runs within a stone’s throw of downtown Harrisburg. A natural limestone stream with significant improvement by the Doc Fritchey Chapter of Trout Unlimited, Spring Creek holds a decent population of Brown Trout.

We fished the stream on the 1st of February under cloudy skies, with the water and air temperatures in 46 degree equilibrium. The water level was about ideal, but it was clear the condition of the stream is not conducive to world class fishing. While focusing on the stretch adjacent to the Five Senses Park, we found much of the water to be slow, flat and featureless. Every couple hundred yards, the stream featured an artificial improvement structure installed by Trout Unlimited in the early-2000’s. Many J-Hook features deposit silt away from the stream bed and create deep holding water for the trout.

On our trip we encountered a few wary trout in addition to many suckers. Fishing for only an hour or so, we were unable to coax a trout into biting, despite using an assortment of winter nymphs and streamers. It was still great to explore some new water in an unlikely location.

We look forward to pursuing trout on Spring Creek in the future as it is but a 10 minute drive from work. It does not seem to be a dynamite trout stream, but I know that my first trout pulled from that urban oasis will hold special significance. To check out more on the excellent work done by the Doc Fritchey Chapter of Trout Unlimited, head over to their website.