Duncannon – Dauphin

On a uncharacteristically cool, foggy morning in mid-August we floated the stretch of the Susquehanna River from Duncannon to Dauphin. Paddling our classic aluminum Grumman canoes, this stretch took us from sunrise to noontime, but easily could have lasted all day if we weren’t on a time limit. Ethan and I were fly fishing for the numerous smallmouth bass in the river, and Dad stuck with his trusty spin tackle. The river levels were just a bit high for that time of year, however the rocky and shallow nature of the river allowed endless opportunities to anchor the canoe and fish from exposed rocks or wade through green weed beds. Solely using a white and olive Clouser Minnow, I was able to land into 5 bass ranging from 10 inches to a 20 inch hog. Ethan used a similar Clouser as well as a popper pattern throughout the morning. Dad had the most success on shallow water Rapalas and boated about 10 quality bass himself. This stretch of the river, as well as beyond Dauphin to the access at Fort Hunter offers a lifetime worth of structure and opportunity for chasing bronzebacks at any time of the summer. While we focus heavily on trout fishing, this morning called me back to countless times spent on the river as a kid, and has me yearning to get back after bass soon.