Spruce Run

Spruce Run in November

Spruce Run has some beautiful Brook Trout, but good luck getting there!

We fished Spruce Run, a small mountain stream on the northern edge of Centre County in late November and had great fun chasing the lively Brookies that call the stream home. Access to the stream is either by a 2+ mile hike in some wild and steep terrain; or by following Keating-Karthaus Road east out of Pottersdale, turning right on New Garden Road, following New Garden in a high-clearance vehicle until it dead-ends at the Susquehanna River, and then canoeing across the river to the mouth of Spruce Run. Any way you cut it, it’s an adventure!

Fishing in late-November, we explored the bottom mile of Spruce Run and found numerous Brook Trout willing to take simple patterns like Pheasant Tails and Hare’s Ears. As the sun peaked through the trees and warmed the water, standard attractor flies like Wulffs and Adams brought the tiny mountain torpedoes blasting to the surface.

Spruce is a blue-liner’s dream with the bottom mile of stream holding a consistent pool-run-riffle character and maintaining a width of 15-25 feet. Most of the trout we caught were the standard 5-6 inch mountain Brookies, but on two occasions we landed trout that pushed 9-inches which is a lunker for this type of water.

Check out Spruce Run when you are feeling adventurous and are more concerned with having a fun day then catching big fish. Or look at a map of your area, find a blue line, and go catch Trout!