Tucquan Creek

Tucquan Creek from above

We have known about Tucquan Creek for years. We remember taking a New Year’s Day hike down through the glen past monstrous icicles and at times quickly sprinting across the partially frozen creek. Only recently did we realize that the Tuc’ is a Class A trout stream for much of it’s length; stretching from Southern Lancaster farm country to the mighty Susquehanna.

On February 11th we fished the Tucquan downstream from the parking lot along River Road. The day was warm for February and a dense fog settled between the rocky slopes squeezing the rushing stream. We never realized how the stream is almost 100% trout water until we looked at it through a fisherman’s eyes on that day.

With only a short time to fish, we used an assortment of double nymph rigs usually containing a Prince nymph or Little Black Stonefly nymph. The stream revealed a very nice (13″) brown trout in a bank-side run which surprised us immensely.

For a middle of the afternoon, late-winter, high-water fishing excursion; Tucquan Creek certainly did not disappoint.